Alpinaut API - Display data from Alpinaut on your website

Alpinaut is a new concept of a adventure sports points of interest search engine.

Now, you can view the nearest points by a latitude and longitude coordinates, amd include this information in your web site easily

You can place this points over your maps, or list your names, distance, interest, category, etc.

How it works

Alpinaut API provide routes on your zone of interest using a REST request to return a response in JSON format.

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a simple machine-readable data-interchange format, which makes constructing API applications in JavaScript easy. For more information about JSON, visit

REST is the simplest request format to use - it's a simple HTTP GET or POST action.


Protocol: REST
Data format: JSON
Url :






An example GET request would look like the following:

This example API call would return something similiar to the following:

{"name": "Serra de llaveria, Sector plaza las coles", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.05546472052908, "longitude": 0.8463013172149658, "distance": 1.5-0.013479-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Ermita de Mare de Déu de la Roca", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.096372920371, "longitude": 0.9376144409179, "distance": 4.8-0.043015-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Tivissa", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.0387074972886, "longitude": 0.7343673706054688, "distance": 8.1-0.072514-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Arbolí", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.2375842405888, "longitude": 0.9388267993927002, "distance": 12.5-0.112091-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Siurana", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.25800090253853, "longitude": 0.9331512451171875, "distance": 13.6-0.122429-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Montsant", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.26438836965208, "longitude": 0.83770751953125, "distance": 13.7-0.123052-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Cova Santa", "category": "Caving", "latitude": 41.269131, "longitude": 0.8787163, "distance": 13.9-0.124526-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Grau dels Barrots", "category": "Via Ferrata", "latitude": 41.2736821, "longitude": 0.8491499, "distance": 14.2-0.127627-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Montsant", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.270839722396474, "longitude": 0.8260345458984375, "distance": 14.2-0.127717-0.224614112954, "link": ""},
{"name": "Ermita Sant Salvador", "category": "sport climbing", "latitude": 41.273895828231794, "longitude": 0.7777440547943115, "distance": 15.2-0.136424-0.224614112954, "link": ""}

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